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  1. Have you identified any competition in the industry? No. Low orbit satellite internet has been a hot topic but is still in it's infancy and will require an enormous amount of satellites to provide good coverage. These low orbit satellites are visible from earth and can reflect light. They are not popular with astronomers and other sky gazers. The FCC has issued concerns of latency as the satellite signal still has to travel hundreds of miles through weather and other atmospheric conditions. While it may be a great option for those whom have no other options, they are solving a different problem than what we are.

  2. Does Bridge Internet anticipate company owned territories? No. we are not going to compete with our partners. We are going to focus on supporting our partners and not competing with them. What's good for them is good for us!

  3. Who acquires the land for the tower purchase lease? We are not building towers at this time. We are utilizing space on existing towers in each area. There are existing towers everywhere! We have preferential agreements with all the national tower companies and we can co-locate on those towers in much less time. 

  4. Does Bridge Internet have an exit strategy? That's a question we get asked all the time! It's easy to make the assumption that large carriers could come in and buy us out, but that's not our focus. Our goal is to build out 1,000 Bridge Internet systems across America. We are dedicated to bringing broadband where it's never been before!

  5. With the partnership net profit being split 50/50, who has ultimate control? Bridge Internet takes the lead on the day to day operations. We are experts in the WISP industry and have the experience to ensure success! However, you are included and involved every step of the way as much or as little as you like! We always maintain a transparent relationship with all of our partners.

  6. How reliable are Bridge Internet's services? We utilize carrier grade equipment that enables us to deliver reliable and affordable broadband service to our subscribers. Our equipment is not prone to the interference that other consumer grade equipment is susceptible to. Our extremely low turnover rate is proof in the pudding! 

  7. What differentiates Bridge Internet from, say, a hot spot? Hotspots piggyback on existing cellular phone networks meaning it's a secondary service to the carrier main purpose, phone service. Our infrastructure is 100% dedicated to Bridge Internet's fixed base wireless internet service and not shared with anyone else. Our service is truly unlimited with no contracts. You can stream and game freely again!

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