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Why Rural Americans Are Making the Switch

The biggest downfall for anyone living in rural America is the lack of options for dependable, affordable, top quality, high-speed internet.  In fact, in most remote areas, there are no options.  High-speed technology has changed the game, but unfortunately Corporate America continues to throttle consumers.  Furthermore, traditional satellite internet is today’s version of dial-up internet.  We’re changing the status quo by providing exactly what consumers have been asking for. 

Make Your Online Experiences Amazing!

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It's never been more popular to cut cable, but streaming hasn't been an available option for much of rural America...until now. We're giving you high-speed internet so you can binge watch all night long.

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By 2023 91% of the United States population will be regularly shopping online.  With Bridge, you can shop because the internet don't drop. 

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Baby Boomers are the fastest growing social media demographic.  We provide fast internet connection to ensure they can follow updates on their grandchildren.

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As of April 2020, 4 out of 5 physicians were seeing patients via video or telephone.  We're making remote healthcare accessible for rural Americans.

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Active instruction, testing, assignments, and discussion takes place online not only for college students, but K-12 more than it ever has before.  We're bridging the gap for households who need interruption-free internet. 

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4 out of 5 Americans prefer banking digitally than visiting a physical branch.  Our internet services are fast and secure so you can utilize your banking services properly. 

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There are over 300 million virtual meeting participants per day. We're bringing reliable internet to those who need it most.

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Online gaming is the largest social experience among teenagers with older adults emerging, but it is impossible to game online without high quality speeds. We're bridging the gap.

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Hotspots piggyback on existing cellular phone networks meaning it’s a secondary service to the carrier main purpose, phone service. Our infrastructure is 100% dedicated to Bridge Internet’s fixed base wireless internet service and not shared with anyone else. Our service is truly unlimited with no contracts. You can stream and game freely again!

We utilize carrier grade equipment that enables us to deliver reliable and affordable high-speed services to our subscribers. Our equipment is not prone to the interference that other consumer grade equipment is susceptible to. Our extremely low turnover rate is proof in the pudding! 

To reach out to us, click on FIND MY PLAN above, and fill out the form. We’d love to explore coming to your area soon!

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  • IMPORTANT: Many of our customers reside in rural areas where it is difficult to reach their primary phone line, typically a mobile device that struggles with a signal. We highly recommend that if you have a secondary phone line in your home to provide that phone number so that we may contact you for service details. Rest assured that we DO NOT SELL YOUR INFORMATION.

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