Rathdrum, Idaho

broadband high speed internet for rathdrum & surrounding communities


rathdrum, idaho

Bridge Internet is an internet solution provider that is bringing the great community of Rathdrum a dependable broadband internet service it deserves.  The quality of our reliable broadband services are only exceeded by superb customer service.  Our expansion in Rathdrum will meet the opportunities and challenges associated with Rathdrum’s rapid growth.  As an internet service provider with the experience and understanding for excellence in rural internet services, we are becoming the household name and the go-to choice for families and business owners in communities like Rathdrum. We look forward to being a name you see at your local youth baseball field, your local community events, and in your home – because at Bridge, we don’t just value customers, we support them.


Staying connected is more than an internet status – it’s being in sync with your world. Whether it’s staying connected to your friends across the country with social media or staying connected to your favorite shows through streaming services, you need reliable internet. With Bridge Internet you can enjoy video calls with your family, catch up on the latest episode, and finally beat your high score on your favorite game. 

What good is fast internet if your internet is always down? At Bridge Internet, we guarantee not only the speed you crave, but the reliability you need. That way, you can do more of the things you love with no interruptions. 

enjoy your favorite streaming services

shop online

connect with friends on social media

access remote healthcare

access online education

bank online

have smooth virtual meetings

enjoy lag-free online gaming

bridge internet features

True Broadband Internet Speeds (At least 25 Meg)

Dedicated, Dependable Internet Not Affected By Cloudy Days or National Providers with Overwhelmed Networks

Commercial Grade Equipment


At Bridge Internet, we value customers first. That means that we operate with integrity, without any hidden fees or price gouging. With us, what you see is what you get – and what you’re getting is a provider with you in mind. 

No Hidden Fees

No Throttling

No Price Gouging

No Contracts

No nonsense

No regrets

take the next step

We’re officially scheduling for installs in Rathdrum! Fill out your information to find out the full details, pricing, and availability.

CAll us at 208-500-3034

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