Satellite vs. Cable Internet

One of the main advantages of cable internet vs. satellite is its speed.

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Satellite vs. Cable Internet

People living in remote and rural areas constantly debate satellite vs. cable internet. Questions like “Which one is better?” “Which one is faster?” 2023 showed us what the internet has contributed to people’s daily lives.

Two standard options for Internet users from remote and rural areas are satellite and cable internet. Having the necessary information about these two can make you choose what is best for you.

Bridge Internet has provided this guide for future customers to choose between satellite and cable internet. To start with, let’s define what satellite and cable internet means.

What is Satellite Internet?

Satellite internet uses satellites orbiting around our planet to let people connect to the internet. The process behind this involves a two-way data communication system:

A device will send a request to one of the satellites
This request will be forwarded to a NOC (Network Operations Center)
After the network operations center processes the request and sends the data back to one of the satellites, it will be returned to the device. Satellite internet is the most used type in remote and rural locations where specific internet broadband services are unavailable.

Internet users should note that satellite internet quality heavily relies on the weather. A sudden change in temperature, like heavy rain, snow, or even a thick dark cloud, can sometimes lower the quality and speed of the internet.

What is Cable Internet?

On the other hand, cable internet is broadband that uses the same coaxial cable system as cable television. The signal travels through cables and reaches your place through a modem device.

One of the main advantages of cable internet vs. satellite is its speed. Cable internet usually produces higher rates compared to satellite internet. This is because of its physical connection within the cable.

Of course, we need to talk about the main drawback of cable internet too. Its quality and speed are sometimes affected depending on the number of users who use the same service simultaneously, leading to congestion during peak hours.

Satellite vs. Cable Internet

Which One is Better?

As the leading internet providers for remote and rural areas, we always encounter different types of clients. Clients who use the internet just for gaming, streaming, downloading, surfing, or watching. Below is a list of how satellite and cable internet performs depending on their usage.


Let's start with gaming. Gamers know that latency is one of the essential things to have a good gaming experience. Cable internet has the advantage vs. satellite internet because of its low latency. Gamers usually use cable internet to have a more stable internet connection. Bridge Internet's cable internet service has already served many known gamers in rural America. So what are you waiting for? Avail of our cable internet now, and get ready to experience high-quality gaming.


If you use the internet for streaming and downloading, you can use the cable as it provides higher speeds than satellite internet. Cable internet is a popular option for homeowners who love streaming or downloading large files. Bridge Internet's satellite internet is also known for its competitive speed, so other homeowners also inquire about it.


And lastly, if you only use the internet for surfing the web or watching videos on your favorite video platforms, you may choose between satellite and cable internet depending on your location. For example, you live in an area where many people use cable internet too. There will come a time that congestion might happen during peak hours. If you're from an open space with a clear sky view, satellite internet might also be handy. At Bridge Internet, our team is always prepared to provide our customers with the best internet service for any location, whether urban or rural.

Satellite Internet vs. Cable Internet

What Are Their Pros And Cons?

These pros and cons for cable internet vs. satellite internet can guide our clients so they will know what type of internet to avail. At Bridge Internet, we always interview clients and inspect their location and surroundings. We want to give our clients the best option for the fastest internet experience, even if they are from populated or rural areas.

Satellite Internet


If you live in a rural town or even on a remote island, you can access satellite internet anytime! Just remember, you have to have a clear view of the sky. Satellite internet is a lifesaver for people in areas where wired connections are unavailable.

This coverage can cover open areas where cables can’t reach. Satellite internet is a practical internet connection for users from distant locations or remote and rural Areas.

Compared to other types of internet, satellite internet has consistent pricing. So people from remote or rural areas don’t need to worry about paying more because of their location.

Satellite internet is constantly improving. The satellites orbiting our planet are always being maintained. Big companies regularly launch satellites with advanced technology, allowing people to experience faster internet speeds.


Satellite internet heavily relies on the weather. A sudden change in temperature, like heavy rain, thick cloud, or snow, can lessen the performance and speed of your internet connection. Before planning on getting satellite internet, make sure to check your area or region first if the weather is constantly changing.

Since the travel distance of the data is very far, expect a delay or low latency performance. Latency can affect your internet experience, especially when playing video games or having video calls.

  1. how much data a user can use within a timeframe. If you exceed the limit given to you by the internet provider, it may result in additional charges or a slower internet speed.

At Bridge Internet, data caps are not a problem for our customers. Since we always provide them with a sufficient amount of data cap for the right price.

  1. The installation cost of cable internet varies depending on your location. But it is more expensive compared to installing cable internet. One must also have the equipment, like a modem and a satellite dish, before having satellite internet.

Bridge Internet is one of rural America’s most trusted internet providers regarding pricing. Call us now and schedule an appointment.

Cable Internet


Cable internet is typically much faster than satellite internet—props for its high speed when transmitting data. If you’re into streaming high-resolution videos, downloading tons of files, and playing online video games, we recommend you avail of our cable internet services. This is the best connection for high loads of bandwidth.

Compared to satellite internet, cable internet has a lower latency because of its physical connection through cable networks. Cable internet is best suited for real-time online gaming and video calls. It provides users with a smoother and more responsive experience.

  1. Bridge Internet’s cable internet bundles are worth the price! From cable TV to landline telephone services, we always maximize our customers’ budgets and help them save money while experiencing fast and reliable internet connection.

Lastly, you can rely on cable internet anytime compared to satellite internet because even though heavy rain or snow happens, your internet connection can stay the same. The only things that can stop cable internets are physical interference and congestion.


Compared to satellite internet, the accessibility of cable internet is not always present in all areas. It all depends if your location can reach cable lines or towers. Remote and rural areas sometimes need help finding cable internet services.

At Bridge Internet, we always look for ways or alternatives to cater to the needs of our customers. Feel free to check our website and check our services.

Cable internet’s performance greatly depends on the number of users using the same connection simultaneously or during peak hours. Congestion happens if many people in your area use cable internet simultaneously. Congestion lowers your internet speed resulting in a poor experience.

Bridge Internet’s cable internet is known for fighting congestion during peak hours. If you want a fast, reliable internet connection without worrying about congestion, check out our website right now!

You can always experience high-speed internet connection with cable internet. But the actual speed might differ if you consider different factors such as location, quality of cables in the area, and amount of daily traffic on the network.

The good thing about Bridge Internet is that we can always find ways to give you the fastest cable internet connection, whether from a crowded or rural place.

Last but not least, cable internet costs are typically more expensive than other internet service types. But if you want to enjoy and experience fast internet using cable internet at a low price, call us anytime, and we’ll send our team to your location immediately.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Satellite vs. Cable Internet

Is Satellite Internet Faster?
Many customers always ask us, “Is satellite internet fast?” Well, satellite internet speed vs. cable has always been a debate for internet users. The speed of satellite internet has improved over the years because of the non-stop advancement of our technology. You can experience fast internet on par with cable internet at Bridge Internet. But if you always use the internet for streaming high-quality videos, extensive household usage, and online gaming, we recommend you try our cable internet. Satellite internet is advantageous if you’re in open areas or areas where cable internet is unavailable.

Does Cable Internet Use Satellites?
The date that you are receiving from your cable internet connection has possibly traveled throughout space. The internet is a global network; data must travel through oceans and long-distance places. Cable internet does not depend on satellite dishes compared to satellite internet. Cable internet uses a modem instead connected to a coaxial cable coming into your home.

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