This document describes the terms and conditions of service applicable to you as a Bridge Internet subscriber. Please read and understand them carefully. It is advised to consult with an attorney for clarity, if necessary, as the following outlines specific rules, rights and obligations between you and Bridge Internet. These terms and conditions are subject to change, with or without notice at any time, from time to time. It is advised that you check the current terms and conditions as available at www.bridgeinternet.com often for updated terms and conditions to ensure you understand your rights and remedies.

The term “Bridge Internet” or “Bridge” or “Company” refers to Bridge Internet, its entities, partners, officers, employees, contractors, affiliates, subsidiaries, successors, assigns, suppliers and/or any Bridge Internet parties with interests, as applicable.

The term “application” in addition to its intended definition as applicable and as applied, refers to any instance of inquiry or intent to acquire Bridge Internet products and/or services, in whole or in part, through any form of communication,.

By accessing the Internet via a Bridge Internet account or by creating and/or having an account created (or attempting to and/or achieving access to Bridge Internet via any server hosted on any Bridge Internet network or otherwise), you are explicitly with prejudice agreeing to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Acceptable Use

The Bridge Internet service may only be used for lawful purposes. The Subscriber is prohibited from transmitting unlawful, threatening, abusive, libelous, vulgar, obscene, profane, hateful, or otherwise objectionable information of any kind. The Subscriber may not engage in conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, infringe on third party rights, give rise to civil liability or violate any local, state, federal or international statute, rule, regulation, or treaty. The Service may not be used to upload, post, reproduce or distribute, any material protected by copyright or any other intellectual property right without first obtaining the written permission of such right holder. The customer shall be prohibited from engaging in the transmission of unsolicited advertising, chain letters and junk mail “spamming”. Users shall not attempt to degrade the service provided by Bridge Internet or any other Internet Service Provider by means of software, hardware or other means. Participation in any of the aforementioned prohibited activities by the Subscriber shall be cause for locking of and/or cancellation/termination of The Subscriber’s account at the discretion of Bridge Internet without notice to The Subscriber.

Misuse of internet connections

In common with other internet service providers, where Bridge Internet becomes aware that the service is being misused, including but not limited to the malicious degradation of other networks or network devices and/or transmission of content contrary to applicable law (“Service Misuse”), Bridge reserves the right to suspend or terminate the service without liability.


The Subscriber acknowledges and agrees that Bridge Internet does not maintain or control the content of the information residing in or transmitted through its service. Bridge Internet does not endorse the accuracy or reliability of any opinion, advice or statement however transmitted using any Bridge Internet accounts. Bridge Internet does not assume any liability for any harassing, offensive or obscene material distributed through any Bridge Internet account, nor does Bridge Internet assume liability for information which may be subject to or in violation of any laws or protections.


Bridge Internet will not intentionally monitor or disclose any private e-mail messages unless required by law, regulation, or Court Order. Bridge Internet will use reasonable diligence to maintain the confidentiality of e-mail, but The Subscriber acknowledges that third parties may attempt to breach the confidentiality of e-mail which is out of the control of Bridge Internet. The Subscriber agrees to respect the privacy and confidentiality of other’s information in any form by refraining from use of applications intended to breach the privacy of another user. The Subscriber agrees to keep confidential The Subscriber’s access password and not to share the account with others and The Subscriber acknowledges responsibility for all use and liability resulting from access to the Services with the Subscriber’s password.

Limitation on Liability

The Subscriber recognizes that the Internet consists of multiple participating networks which are separately owned/operated and therefore not in the control of Bridge Internet. Additionally, access to the Internet or other services may be available only through hardware or software not provided by Bridge Internet. Malfunctions of any such networks, software or hardware may make access to the Internet, or other services, temporarily or permanently unavailable to the Subscriber. The Subscriber agrees that Bridge Internet shall not be liable for damages incurred for Services that are temporarily or permanently unavailable for any reason whatsoever. In the event of a malfunction of the service, the Subscriber agrees to hold harmless Bridge Internet, its entities, partners, officers, employees, contractors, affiliates, subsidiaries, successors, assigns, suppliers and/or any Bridge Internet parties with interest, from any damages that may arise from such malfunctions.


The subscriber agrees that the use of Bridge Internet networks, products and/or services are “as is” and “at will” and as such Bridge Internet disclaims all warranties, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for any particular purpose. In no event shall Bridge Internet or its suppliers be liable for any damages whatsoever (including, without limitation, damages for loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of business information, or other pecuniary loss) arising out of the use of, or inability to use the services provided by Bridge Internet, even if Bridge Internet has been advised of the possibility of such damages.


The Subscriber agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Bridge Internet, its entities, partners, officers, employees, contractors, affiliates, subsidiaries, successors, assigns, suppliers and/or any Bridge Internet parties with interest, from and against any and all liabilities, damages, losses, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) caused by or arising out of the access and/or use of the service and/or in connection with these terms of acceptable use. The Subscriber further agrees to provide prompt notice to Bridge Internet of any complaints, claims or other actions made, threatened or initiated against the Subscriber and/or Bridge Internet in connection with or as a result of its receipt and/or use of the Service under this agreement.


The Terms and Conditions may not be assigned by the Subscriber hereto without the written consent of Bridge Internet.

A failure to enforce, for whatever reason, any Term or Condition or part thereof by either party shall not operate or be construed as a waiver to enforce the same or any other provision herein.

The parties agree reasonable attorney’s fees, cost, and expenses incurred in enforcing the Terms and Conditions of or defending against a claim brought under the Terms and Conditions shall be paid to the prevailing party by the non-winning party. The Terms and Conditions herein shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws of the United States. The venue for all disputed matters and performance under the Terms and Conditions shall be determined at the sole discretion of Bridge Internet whether through Arbitration of through a court of competent jurisdiction.

Contract period

All subscriptions are paid in advance, month to month with the exception of any product and/or service in which incurs more than one payment to satisfy payment in full. Bridge Internet at its sole discretion may permit product and/or service fee charges to be satisfied over a recurring monthly period (aka payment plan) until such time as product and/or services charges have been satisfied in full. In such cases, subscriber accounts are subject to an agreement period to expire once all outstanding charges are satisfied in full after which time the account reverts to a month-to-month service. One calendar month notice is required for cancellation of accounts and/or services that are within a current valid payment plan option. Should cancellation be initiated by the Subscriber within the payment plan period, the Subscriber will be liable for all full amounts due, including any unpaid balances not yet satisfied during such period.


Bridge Internet and the subscriber agree that this agreement shall be deemed ongoing, perpetual, indefinite and enforceable once entered into as outlined. Furthermore, Subscriber may terminate the subscription service with or without cause at any time by contacting Bridge Internet’s Customer Care Center and requesting cancellation and/or termination directly with a customer service representative during regular business hours while all aspects of this agreement survive. Bridge Internet invoices subscribers for services in advance in one month increments, not day by day, therefore Bridge Internet does not adjust, refund and/or return any remaining balances paid towards products and/or services for remaining days of service within a given month, once invoiced, and does not participate in prorated values of remaining services. Invoices are generated on the first day of each calendar month, perpetually. Service termination shall be effective immediately upon completion of cancellation and/or termination request, regardless of days and/or time remaining within current invoiced calendar month. Bridge Internet does not support “standing” or “pending” account and/or service cancellation, termination and/or disconnect dates. Bridge Internet may not be held responsible for rerouting or transferring of mail/correspondence requirements and subscriber agrees to contact Bridge Internet during regular business hours to ensure the accuracy of such information at all times. Bridge Internet shall not be liable for any damages, losses, cost and/or expenses in any way whatsoever, caused by or arising out of cancellation, termination and/or disconnection of service, to the Subscriber or to any other entity, party or individual. The subscriber agrees to pay all product and/or service invoices within the specified due dates and/or pay in full any and all amounts due immediately upon request by subscriber to cancel, terminate and/or disconnect services. Bridge Internet reserves all rights exclusively, with or without notice, to terminate accounts and services without subscriber recourse.

The Subscriber forfeits any and all amounts paid to Bridge Internet for Services as a result of cancellations.


  1. Definitions

1.1 Unless the context clearly indicates the contrary, any term defined in the General Terms and Conditions when used herein, shall bear the same meaning as defined in the General Terms and Conditions.

1.2 In these Wireless Equipment Lease Terms:

1.2.1 “Coverage Area” means coverage area falling within the signal radius of the Wireless Network;

1.2.2 “CPE Device” means the customer premises equipment which shall be installed by Bridge Internet on the exterior of Customer’s premises;

1.2.3 “Equipment” means the CPE Device (including software, hardware, cables, connectors), which meets the requirements of the Wireless Equipment Lease selected by Customer in the Application for service and provided by Bridge Internet to Customer in terms hereof, to enable connectivity to the Wireless Equipment;

1.2.4 “Operator” means Bridge Internet; “Party” means subscriber; “Parties” means both as applicable;

1.2.5 “Service Centre” means Bridge Internet Customer Care Center and/or the Operator’s support & services in general, as applicable. Bridge Internet may have various data and support centers within its network.

1.2.6 “PECN” means private electronic communications network as defined in the Electronic Communications Act;

1.2.7 “Wireless Equipment” means a wireless link created within the Wireless Network which wireless link is connected between the CPE Device and the Wireless Network in order to: (i) enable the PECN; and (ii) enable access to and use of the Wireless Network by Customer via the Wireless Equipment;

1.2.8 “Wireless Equipment Fees” means the fees which are payable by Customer to Bridge Internet in respect of all fees and charges levied by Bridge Internet attributable to the Wireless Equipment including, but not limited to application, installation maintenance, support and repair fees;

1.2.9 “Wireless Equipment Lease” means the wireless services contemplated in this Agreement, which Bridge Internet renders to Customer in accordance with Customer’s choices, as set out in the Application for service under such heading or description comprising of: (i) the leasing of the Wireless Equipment to Customer; (ii) configuration of the Equipment; and (iii) the management of the Wireless Link on behalf of Customer, as contemplated below;

1.2.10 “Wireless Network” means the wireless network connection operated by Bridge Internet in the unlicensed frequency spectrum in accordance with the provisions of the ECA, over which the Wireless Link is created in order to ensure a secure private link over a public/private network required for the provision of the Wireless Equipment Lease;

1.2.11 “Lease” and “Rental” shall be one in the same as applicable.

  1. Duration

2.1 Subscriber may terminate Wireless Equipment lease at the end of an initial 3 month period by giving the operator 1 (one) calendar month written notice of termination prior to the end of the Initial 3 month Period.

2.2 If Party fails to provide notice as contemplated in clause 2.1 above, Wireless Equipment Lease shall endure indefinitely thereafter on the same terms and conditions, provided that Party shall be entitled to terminate Wireless Equipment Lease on 1 (one) calendar months written notice to the operator.

2.3 Notwithstanding any provisions to the contrary in the Agreement, Bridge Internet shall (without payment of any penalty of whatsoever nature), be entitled to terminate Wireless Equipment Rental at any time (during the Initial Period or any renewal period thereof) with or without notice at its sole discretion:

2.3.1 Should the Coverage Area be compromised; or

2.3.2 if the quality of the Wireless Link or the operation of the Wireless Network is adversely affected due to any act or omission of Customer; or

2.3.3 Should Bridge Internet suspend or terminate its wireless network deployment for whatever reason; or

2.3.4 Should Bridge Internet be required to do so by ICASA or in terms of any relevant legislation applicable to the usage of the unlicensed spectrum; or

2.3.5 Upon request thereto by other telecommunication service providers due to breach by Customer of any of the terms and conditions applicable to the access and/or use of the Wireless Link; or

2.3.6 Should Customer’s access and/or use of Wireless Equipment be in contravention of this Agreement or Bridge Internet’s policies and/or any applicable legislation; and/or

2.3.7 Should the regulator make changes to the unlicensed spectrum which impacts on the provision of the Wireless Equipment Lease, Wireless Network and/or Wireless Link.

2.4 Bridge Internet shall have the right at any time, and without liability, to immediately suspend its provision of the Wireless Equipment Lease and continue to charge Customer therefore, if it is notified that-

2.4.1 The quality of the Wireless Link may be or is impaired, or otherwise adversely affected, due to any act or omission of Customer;

2.4.2 Any Equipment has been reverse engineered, decompiled, modified or tampered with in any way;

2.4.3 Non-payment in terms of this Agreement of any Service Fees payable;

2.5 Upon termination of the Wireless Equipment Lease for any reason whatsoever, Customer shall provide Bridge Internet with the necessary co-operation and assistance to arrange for the removal of the Equipment from Customer’s premises and immediate return to avoid non-returned equipment fees of up to $680.00.

  1. Payment

3.1 Customer shall pay Bridge Internet the Services Fees specified in the Application in accordance with the provisions set out in the General Terms.

3.2 The Wireless Equipment Fees payable by Customer shall form part of the Service Fees and all provisions in the Agreement relating to the payment of the Service Fees will be applicable to the Wireless Equipment Fees. Bridge Internet may include such Wireless Equipment Fees in the Service Fees even if it is not due yet, provided that Bridge Internet has invoiced Customer for such fees and charges.

3.3 Should Customer move and/or relocates to a different location and/or premises, Bridge Internet shall charge Customer for the moving and/or relocation of the Equipment to new premises and/or location which includes without limitation the: (i) on-site survey fees: (ii) Equipment and/or Wireless Equipment installation fees; and/or (iii) set up fees. The aforementioned fees shall be included in Customer’s monthly invoice, which shall be payable by Customer in accordance with the provisions of the General Terms.

  1. Wireless network and wireless equipment

4.1 In order to have access to the Wireless Network, a Wireless Link is required and for these purposes, Bridge Internet will provide directly for the provision of the Wireless Equipment.

4.2 The provision of the Wireless Equipment by Bridge Internet to Customer as envisaged above is subject to availability.

4.3 Wireless Equipment is provided subject to any terms that may be imposed from time to time.

4.4 Wireless Network is designed, created and operated over the unlicensed frequency spectrum.

4.5 A Wireless Link is created over the Wireless Network.

4.6 Bridge Internet may manage the Wireless Link including the Equipment on behalf of Customer.

4.7 Customer shall (without prejudice to Bridge Internet’s rights to claim payment for any outstanding amount for the products and/or services rendered), not be entitled to terminate Wireless Equipment Lease should the Wireless Link remain unavailable due to an Uncontrollable Event. If an Uncontrollable Event continues for a period of more that 60 (sixty) days, then the Customer may terminate this Agreement by written notice to Bridge Internet by reason of such Uncontrollable Event and only at such time.

4.8 The quality of the Wireless Link is dependent upon the quality and capacity available to the Wireless Network which is subject to any technological constraints affecting the Wireless Network. Customer shall therefore not be entitled to terminate Wireless Equipment Lease as a result of any impairment to the quality of the Wireless Link and/or quality and/or capacity of the Wireless Network which impacts on Customer’s access and usage of the Wireless Equipment Lease.

4.9 Wireless Network including the Wireless Link are created over the unlicensed frequency spectrum and although Bridge Internet uses reasonable independent and commercial endeavors to: (i) ensure the: (a) operation; (b) availability; and (c) functionality of the Wireless Network including the Wireless Link; and (ii), attend to any unavailability including failures and/or errors impacting on the Wireless Network, including the Wireless Link, in terms of any obligations placed on it in terms of this Agreement. Bridge Internet does not represent, warrant or guarantee the operation, availability, capacity, or functionality of the Wireless Network including the Wireless Equipment.

4.10 Although Bridge Internet uses reasonable independent and commercial endeavors to ensure the security of the Wireless Link, Bridge Internet does not in any manner whatsoever warrant, represent and/or guarantee the security of the Wireless Link. Customer is therefore advised to ensure the security of its/their network infrastructure.

4.11 Bridge Internet shall not be liable under any circumstances for any loss or damage caused by or arising in any manner whatsoever from the: (i) unavailability of the Wireless Network, of the Wireless Network and/or Wireless Link; and/or (iii) breach of the security of the Wireless Link and/or Customer’s network infrastructure.

  1. Terms and conditions specific to wireless equipment rental

5.1 The Equipment will be rented to Customer subject to the provisions of clause 6 below.

5.3 Wireless Equipment Rental is provided subject to this Agreement and all relevant laws and regulations applicable from time to time.

5.4 Bridge Internet will only provide Customer with use of the Wireless Equipment Rental provided Customer pays the Services Fees set out in the Application of service.

5.5 Upon approval of Customer’s application for the Wireless, Bridge Internet shall notify Customer with regard to the installation date and time. Bridge Internet cannot guarantee the installation date and time, but will use reasonable efforts to ensure that the anticipated installation date and times are met. Bridge Internet will inform Customer as soon as possible if it is unable to attend a set appointment. Customer shall also not be entitled to cancel Wireless Equipment Rental or refuse to accept installation, set-up and or configuration of the Equipment as a result of Bridge Internet’s failure to meet anticipated installation date and times.

5.6 Customer shall prior to the installation date: (i) appoint a designated person to manage the installation project on Customer’s behalf; (ii) prepare the premises and/or the area where installation will be done for installation purposes; and (iii) notify its staff, other tenants/owners on the premises, the landlord and/or governing bodies (where relevant) about the installation date and time.

5.6.1 In the case of rented premises the landlord and/or governing body(ies) have given Customer the necessary written approvals to allow Bridge Internet to commence and perform the Installation Work.

5.6.2 In the case of rented premises the landlord and/or the governing body(ies) are aware of: (i) the installation work to be done; (ii) what such installation entails; and (iii) the installation date and time; and Customer warrants that:

5.7.1 The premises and/or the area where installation will be done, meet the requirement of the Occupational Health and Safety Standards;

5.8 Customer hereby indemnifies Bridge Internet against any and all losses or damages it sustains or incurs as a result of breach of any of the warranties contained in this clause 5.

5.9 Bridge Internet including any of their respective agents or contractors shall on the installation date and during hours, attend to:

5.9.1 The installation of the Equipment; and

5.9.2 Set-up and/or configuration of the Equipment.

5.10 Customer shall allow Bridge Internet including their agents or contractors, all reasonable access to Customer’s premises and/or property for the purposes set out in clauses 5.9.1 and 5.9.2 above. A signed confirmation by Customer (including his/her/its employee, representative, carrier, agent or nominee), that installation and set-up and/or configuration of the Equipment was done shall constitute proof that it was done according to specification and Agreement.

5.11 Bridge Internet may be required to: dig, drill, remove pavement, carpets, tiles, and ceilings, apply glue or perform any other act in order to install the Equipment (“Installation Work”). Customer hereby gives Bridge Internet the permission to perform such Installation Work.

5.12 Bridge Internet will use reasonable independent and commercial endeavors to ensure that the Installation Work is performed in a professional manner without causing any damage to Customer’s or any other third party’s premises or property.

5.13 Bridge Internet cannot guarantee that work will be performed without errors, faults and/or causing damages of whatsoever nature to Customer’s or any other third party’s premises or property.

5.14 In the event of any such damage to Customer’s or any other third party’s premises, installation area or property, Customer shall indemnify Bridge Internet and/or the operator from any claim arising as a result of such damage and Customer shall not hold Bridge Internet including their contractors and/or agents liable under any circumstances, for any loss, damage, costs or expense whatsoever caused by or arising in any manner whatsoever from any action or omission of Bridge Internet or its contractors.

5.15 Customer shall when required, allow Bridge Internet including their agents all reasonable access to its premises for the purposes of the reinstallation, re-set-up, re-configuration, maintenance, repair and/or removal of the Equipment.

5.16 Bridge Internet shall be entitled to change the Wireless Equipment Rental Services (which may include without limitation the cost thereof or amendment of the technical parameters and/or specification relating to the Wireless Equipment Rental), at any time during any Period at their sole discretion.

5.17 Customer may not terminate Wireless Equipment Rental, other than as contemplated in clause 2 above, should such Wireless Link not be available to Customer at any stage during the term of Wireless Equipment Rental for any reason whatsoever.

5.18 The provision and/or availability of the Wireless Equipment Rental are inter alia subject to the operation of the Wireless Network and the Wireless Link.

5.19 Notwithstanding anything that might indicate the contrary, Customer shall at all times comply with all terms and conditions and/or limitations imposed by Bridge Internet on the Wireless Link including Wireless Network for the duration of the Wireless Equipment Rental.

  1. Equipment rental

6.1 Bridge Internet hereby leases the Equipment to Customer who accepts such rental.

6.2 The Equipment will at all times remain the property of Bridge Internet and Customer agrees that he/she/it will never become owner of the Equipment unless specifically provided an option to purchase for a sum of $100.00 beginning on the 13th month of services, by Bridge Internet.

6.3 The Equipment shall at all times be regarded as a movable property and shall not become part of the property.

6.4 Bridge Internet shall have the right to enter Customer’s premises in order to remove the Equipment upon termination of the Wireless Equipment Rental.

6.5 Bridge Internet may deliver the Equipment to Customer’s premises. A signed delivery note by Customer (including his/her/its employee, representative or nominee) shall constitute proof that the Equipment was delivered to and received by Customer in good condition.

6.6 Upon delivery of the Equipment as envisaged in clause 6.5 above, Customer shall bear all risk of loss, theft, damage and/or destruction of the Equipment while housed at Customer’s premises for an amount equal to the full replacement value thereof. Customer shall make its own arrangements regarding the insurance of the Equipment.

6.7 Customer shall not allow any third party to take possession of the Equipment unless duly authorized thereto by Bridge Internet. Should any third party take possession of the Equipment without the said authorization, the replacement value thereof shall immediately be due and payable by Customer.

6.8 If the premises at which the Equipment will be installed are rented:

6.8.1 Customer shall: Advise Bridge Internet in writing of the name and address of the landlord as well as any changes thereto; Not move the Equipment without Bridge Internet’s prior written consent;

6.8.2 Customer warrants that the landlord and/or governing body(ies) have been informed that the Equipment belongs to Bridge Internet and can therefore not be subject to a lien or landlord hypothec. Customer hereby indemnifies Bridge Internet against all losses or damages it sustains or incurs as a result of breach by the Customer of the warranty contained in this clause.

6.9 Customer shall only use the Equipment in conjunction with the Wireless Equipment Rental Services. Under no circumstances will Customer or anyone else be allowed to: (i) access and/or tamper with the Equipment; (ii) move the Equipment to any other location and (iii) use the Equipment for any other purpose.

6.10 Access to the Equipment shall be restricted to Bridge Internet

6.11 Customer shall use the Equipment solely for internal purposes and shall not be entitled to directly or indirectly transfer, distribute, re-distribute, sell, re-sell, lease, sub-lease and/or lend the Equipment in any manner whatsoever to any third party without Bridge Internet’s prior written consent.

6.12 Customer shall ensure that Bridge Internet may at any time enter the premises where the Equipment is installed to inspect it, provided that Bridge Internet supplies Customer with reasonable prior notification of such.

  1. New premises and/or location

7.1 In the event that Customer moves and/or relocates to a different location and/or premises, Bridge Internet:

7.1.1 Shall subject to the other provisions of this Agreement above, move and/or relocate Customer’s Equipment to the new premises and/or location;

7.1.2 May extend Customer’s Agreement to the same term that was originally selected by Customer in the Application.

7.2 Customer acknowledges that Wireless Network is not available everywhere.

7.3 Customer is responsible for ensuring that Wireless Network is available should Customer decide to move and/or relocate to another premises or locations.

7.4 Customer shall remain liable to pay the set up fees incurred by Bridge Internet to install, set up and/or configure the Equipment at the new location and/or premises, without discount.

7.5 Customer shall not be allowed to terminate Wireless Equipment Rental including the Agreement should Customer move to a location and/or premises where the Wireless Network is not available. In the event of termination, Customer shall remain liable to pay Bridge Internet for the remainder of the Initial Period or the renewal period, as the case may be, should Customer terminate Wireless Equipment Rental and/or the Agreement prior to the expiry of such Initial Period and/or renewal period.

  1. Service agreement

8.1 Bridge Internet will provide Customer with Wireless Equipment Rental set out herein in accordance with this agreement.

8.2 Bridge Internet will maintain a best effort service uptime of the Wireless Link

8.3 For the purpose of this agreement:

8.3.1 Service usage uptime may be monitored by Bridge Internet’s monitoring software and only with reference to Bridge Internet’s network availability and UPS power.

8.3.2 Downtime, outage or interruption or unavailability of the Wireless Equipment Rental, as a result of, or caused by: any outage, interruption or unavailability of the services or facilities of an external or third party telecommunications or network provider to which the Bridge Internet network infrastructure is connected; Any outage, interruption or unavailability caused by Customer’s hardware, software and/or applications; Scheduled downtime for general, maintenance, enhancements, upgrades or modifications (or of an otherwise scheduled nature). Bridge Internet shall use its reasonable endeavors to minimize downtime periods. An Uncontrollable Event; Any action or omission of the Customer, including without limitation, accidental damage, operator errors, abnormal operating conditions, the connection of unauthorized peripheral equipment, improper use, misuse, neglect or abuse of service.

9 Monitoring, installations and truck rolls

9.1 Bridge Internet will provide remote monitoring of the service.

9.2 All installations and truck rolls at customer premises will be done during business hours Monday to Friday. All fees are applicable.

  1. General exceptions

10.1 Bridge Internet is under no obligation to support the following:

10.1.1 Any software problem or any defect caused by the negligence of Customer or its employees or agents;

10.1.2 Any equipment or services not directly provided by Bridge Internet, including Customer home network equipment, cabling, devices, software and online or offline services;

10.1.3 Where service response may result in risk to the safety of the team attending to a service ticket raised;

10.1.4 Where service response may result in the team contravening any legal and/or safety guidelines or regulations, such as climbing masts in inclement weather;

10.1.5 In instances where uptime disruption is as a result of power outage and Customer has not implemented preventative measures such as uninterruptible power supplies or generators;

10.1.6 Any product and/or services beyond where external CPE terminates upon entry into residence at point of installation except for when customer purchases or leases router from Bridge Internet, then support terminates at point where router is connected at external CPE.

  1. Installation

11.1 Bridge Internet secures installation times and dates based on availability. These timeframes are 4 hour blocks from 8:00am until 12:00pm and from 1:00pm until 5:00pm, within the applicable time zone. During these blocks of time, a technician arriving at 11:50am for an originally scheduled installation slot of 8:00am, would still be on time for their scheduled installation. The available blocks are full 4 hour blocks meaning a technician can arrive at any time between the 8:00am and 12:00pm block, as well as the 1:00pm until 5:00pm block.

  1. Missed Appointment Policy

12.1 Customers must provide no less than 4 hours advance notice prior to missing a scheduled appointment or will be subject to a non-refundable $150.00 missed appointment fee. Bridge Internet reserves the right to reschedule and/or cancel pending appointments for any reason whatsoever, at their sole discretion, without penalty or obligation.

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